Blue Hills Health & Rehabilitation Center

Welcome to Blue Hills Health and Rehabilitation Center, where providing unmatched rehabilitation is what we do best!

At Blue Hills, we understand the want for a speedy recovery. By delivering individualized care and services that are developed to meet your unique needs, we ensure comfort and ease on your journey to wellness.

We know that better outcomes are achieved by providing quality care for those in need with an unparalleled experience. Our team of professional caregivers share this belief, not because it is their job, but because it is their calling.

It is our mission to provide our residents with customized rehabilitation programs to ensure optimal recovery and superior care. With 92 beds and an extensive list of amenities, we bring a new level of comfort to the care received.

As a leader in Alzheimer's and dementia care, we provide aspecialized program to assist clients' regain their independence and wellness. This program specializes in ensuring the safety of our clients with Alzheimer's and/or dementia. more >>

our specialized programming include

Specialized Dementia Rehab

Our Rehabilitation program based of each patients level of cognition and work to provide physical, occupational and speech therapy to encourage independence, individuality and interaction to improve or maintain our resident's self-care, mobility and communication

Our Life Enrichment program

This program is designed to meet each of our patients cognitive level. We offer daily programming that supports all levels of the Dementia process.

Social Driven Model of Care

Our Activities and social program is the center of our focus. We has specialized programs to support mild, moderate and advanced Dementia patients. We offer programs for all levels congruently 7 days a week.

Family Style Dining

Our team understands that a patient with Dementia may forget to eat or may begin to have difficulty using utensils, as we try to keep each patient at their highest level of function we offer family style dining as well as finger foods and multiple snacking options throughout the day.

Family Support Group/ Advisory Group

Alzheimer's and Dementia impacts family members as much if not more than the person impacted by the disease so we offer a safe forum for our families and our community to discuss how this disease impacts their loved ones and themselves. We ask families for their input into programs and what they think would improve process and the environment for our home.